This is the place where you can see our full list of reliable cleaning services in Enfield Town and the prices at which they are available. Many of our services are calculated on an hourly base. It should also be specified that this list is created to serve as a guide to our customers since the cleaning solutions that we offer are remarkably flexible which allows us to easily personalise rates and quotations.

Feel free to combine any of these services in a way that best suits you. There will be no extra costs. Nevertheless, prices also depend on the property’s condition and size. Also, the cost of cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstery furniture tend to vary not only in terms of the size and condition of these items but also depend on their fabrics. That is why we sometimes prefer to organise on-site visitations before we provide our clients with a quote.

You are welcomed to   if you have any questions about our pricing policy. Our seasoned consultants will be able to provide you with more case-specific information. If there are any price changes, you will be informed during the booking process.